Swans moved on from City Airport amid safety fears

Bosses at London City Airport have been dealing with a serious threat to aircraft — wild swans.

The number of birds congregating close to the Silvertown airport has increased to “unmanageable levels” in recent months.

So-called “bird strikes” are the most common cause of aircraft accidents. Such an incident is believed to have caused the downing of US Airways Flight 1549, which was forced to land in New York’s Hudson River. The City Airport swans have been transferred to a new home in the River Thames at Windsor, with the help of environmental organisations, Newham Council and the Civil Aviation Authority.

Bosses are also launching an awareness campaign to try and avoid flocks congregating in the area. They want residents to avoid feeding wild birds, as it encourages them to settle.

Director of safety Sharon Preston said: “We needed to relocate this flock as a matter of urgency. Their wellbeing is important.”

would like to thank all of the parties involved in this operation.

“Unfortunately, relocating future flocks may not be an option so we would appeal to the local community to not feed the swans to ensure that this situation does not reoccur.”