Supermarket slammed for lack of disabled parking signs

DISABLED drivers have been driven to despair when parking in a Stratford supermarket car park.

Blue badge holders shopping at Morrisons on The Grove face fines unless they pay a pound to park. The money is refunded when entering the store.

But the shoppers claim that they did not know the spaces were no longer free and that a ticket was now required to park.

They say the only sign informing them of the changes introduced last month could be missed if drivers walked around the back of their car to the entrance.

Sandra Seedhom, 63, of Warren Gardens, Stratford, who has had both hips replaced and suffers from a heart condition, has been fined �50 twice and has vowed not to return to the store.

She said the photo evidence of her ‘offence’ was actually an image of her driving the car and not parking the vehicle.

She told the Recorder: “Feeling angry and confused about this, I went to Morrisons and spoke to Customer Services asking when these new parking charges were instigated and was told ‘during the past few weeks’.

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“I told them that there was no publicity about this disabled people now-have-to-pay ruling and was told I could speak to the manager but must bring my blue badge in as proof.’’

Mrs Seedhom added: “When I returned to Customer Srvices I met three other customers telling the same story and all wanting the fines cancelled.”

Mrs Seedhom said she could not understand why Morrisons’ staff did not leave leaflets on driver’s windscreens or put up more signs to make sure everyone knew things had changed.

She said: “If you are disabled, on incapacity or a pensioner,you can’t afford these fines.

“So many people will be intimidated and just want them (Morrisons) off their backs. ”

A spokesman for Morrisons said: “There is signage but we are looking at putting up bigger signage.”