Students’ suspension leads to Islamophobia row at NewVic

Islamophobia row breaks out at NewVic

Islamophobia row breaks out at NewVic - Credit: Archant

NewVic Sixth Form College is embroiled in a row over Islamophobia after three students were suspended for the “inappropriate use of college communications”.

Campaigners have taken to social media to claim that three final year students were suspended on May 22 after reportedly sending out an email petition to staff and students about tackling Islamophobia.

However, in a statement, principal, Eddie Playfair, said the college “is very committed to fighting all forms of discrimination including Islamophobia”.

He added: “An email document which makes various demands of the college was sent to every student and member of staff from three individual student email accounts.

“This was an unauthorised and inappropriate use of college communications.

“We have therefore temporarily suspended the students and their email accounts, pending further investigation and discussion with them.”

Campaigners have since taken to Twitter to show their support to the three students, who have not been named. One user, @neelamy_, wrote: “For what reason did you suspend 3 A2 students right in the middle of exam season? Shouldn’t their education come first?”

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Another user, @ZahraHusn, added: “Suspended for raising their voices and speaking out.”

However, Mr Playfair said the college supports “freedom of speech”. He added that the three students have not yet responded to “invitations to meet” and will still be able to take their exams.