Stratford woman’s arm shattered in hit and run

The family of a hit and run victim from Stratford are appealing for information to catch the driver who left her on the road with a shattered arm.

Nisha Nischal collided with a car while using a pelican crossing on Stratford High Street around 12.10am on Wednesday December 14.

The car knocked her to the ground and the driver continued without stopping to see if Nisha was hurt or reporting the incident to the police.

The 27-year-old, of Channelsea Road, lay in shock until a passing stranger, described as a white male cyclist, came to her aid.

In her dazed state, Nisha forgot to ask the Good Samaritan’s name but he helped her to her feet so she could call her husband, Unmesh.

Father-in-law Dr Paul Nischal said: “My son is very upset. He phoned me and he was very shocked that someone would do this.

“Nisha was in a state of shock and she just didn’t know what to do.

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“If the green man is flashing, then you cross the road with confidence that the traffic will stop.

“This man got off his bike and came to pick her up and another man in a lorry asked her if she was OK. But the cyclist really helped her and if he gets in contact with the police, then we’ll have a goody bag for him or something to say thank you.”

Nisha called the police and was promptly taken to Newham University Hospital where they discovered how bad her injuries were.

The bones in her right arm were shattered and doctors had to operate twice, inserting a metal rod, before allowing her arm to heal.

Paul added: “Nisha was happy because she had just been promoted to branch manager at the Natwest bank where she works.

“She was coming home with good news and then this happened.

“There was quite a lot of metal in her arm, they had to put a rod in and she had to go back to the hospital again after the first operation.

“She suffered a great deal of pain and it’s been a very upsetting time for her.”

Anyone with information about the incident should report it to police on 101, anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or to their local police station.