Stratford students practice Olympic values

Students at a Newham school have been telling a group of sustainability ambassadors how they are using the Olympic and Paralympic values.

Rokeby School’s student leadership groups met 2012 Sustainability Ambassadors Deborah Meaden (Dragons Den), Kevin McCloud (Grand Designs), Jonathan Porrit (Green Environmentalist) and a number of LOCOG dignitaries.

Hasibullah Waziri (Student Leader, Head Boy), Shadman Rafid (Rokeby Blue), Jordan Dawood (Values Ambassador) and Torien Foster (Rokeby Gazette) each gave a brief presentation on their roles at the Stratford school. They went into detail on how they have linked the school’s values and Olympic/Paralympic Values and promoted them as a part of their individual areas of responsibility.

The visitors were taken to see part of a Philosophy for Children lesson which was being led by two of the studentP4C Champions, Corey Somefun and Wasibullah Waziri. The enquiry focused on the question “Have we forgotten the true meaning of the Olympics/Paralympics”? Much discussion and debate followed concentrating on the commercialisation of the Olympics/Paralympics and how people just wanted to make money out of the event.

Next on their tour was a Year 7 Humanities lesson where students were working on a sustainability project where they had to design and make their own Olympic village. Deborah Meaden commented to one group that while they had thought of most of the amenities needed, where was the bank?

The visit concluded with the school’s ‘Get Set Network’ plaque being presented by Jonathan Porrit and a photograph.