Stratford station has highest rail crime levels in Newham

Stratford station is the borough’s hotspot for rail related crime, including theft, drug possession and sex offences, figures have revealed.

The number of arrests, cautions, fixed penalty notices and warnings issued at the station totalled 447 between October 2010 and October 2011, the Recorder has learnt.

The British Transport Police (BTP) figures show the station attracted more incidents than every other Newham tube, overground and DLR station combined.

The figure does include some reported offences that did not result in further criminal action.

A BTP spokesman also pointed out that the station is by far the borough’s busiest, with up to 18 million passengers every year.

In October 2010, a person was charged with committing an act outraging public decency, while in a separate incident just days apart two people were arrested on suspicion of sexual activity in a public lavatory.

one month later, there were three arrests for racially or religiously aggravated assault

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In July last year, four people were arrested and then charged for railway trespassing and graffiti at Stratford.

Six people were charged with common assault and assault on a police constable.

Many of the recorded incidents were low level offences such as credit card and ticket fraud and drunk and disorderly behaviour.

Affray, public order offences and drug possession accounted for many of the cautions and fixed penalty notices at the Newham stations.

Sgt Emily Gillespie, from BTP’s Stratford hub team, said: “Crime levels can also be increased by proactive police operations where offences that would otherwise go undetected are uncovered by police.

“This may be a factor for Stratford which has a team of officers permanently based at the station.”