Stratford school hosts Olympic torch ceremony

Sarah Bonnell School in Stratford fired up their students’ imaginations with an Olympic torch ceremony of their very own.

The “Design an Olympic Torch” competition was created by Mr Meadows and Mr Waters, teachers at the Deanery Road school, so they could build the torch and hold an inspirational whole school Olympic event.

The winning design was drawn up by Year 11 pupil Fatima Najam who saw her torch a part of a ceremony of songs, dance, and drama.

Reporting for the Recorder, Fatima wrote: “I decided that I should give it a go because it sounded like fun.

“Also, the thing that inspired me most to design an Olympic torch was that the Olympics is just round the corner and also it’d be a fantastic way to get involved.

“I thought it’d be a nice feeling, that if I did win the competition, I’d feel happy and proud knowing that I was part of such a huge and inspiring event.”

Two sketches were shortlisted so Mr Meadows allowed Year Nine to vote for their favourite design and Fatima’s won.

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Mr Waters then began making the torch, with occasional help from Fatima, and her design was brought to life in January.

The finished torch was revealed during a ceremony on March 7 where it was placed on stage and lit like the real thing.

Drama students performed a play acting out a brief history of the Olympics and the torch has been placed in the Sports Hall where it will burn until July to inspire Sarah Bonnell students in the run up to the Games.

Fatima said the presence of her torch would be “helping everyone at Sarah Bonnell School to feel the thrill of the Olympics and also to motivate and inspire them to make their dreams come true.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who voted for my design and most importantly to Mr Meadows and Mr Waters who organised everything.

“I hope that everyone in this school and area can do something that would make them a part of the London Olympics in 2012.”