Stratford’s Carpenters Estate families blast BBC broadcasting deal

Tenants at one of the Stratford tower blocks set to become a BBC broadcasting base during the Olympics have accused the council of “dismantling” their community.

Carpenters Estate residents have been told the top of the Lund Point and Dennison Point is unfit for purpose, amid a rehousing programme that has been in place since 2010.

But Newham Council has applied to temporarily change the use of the top five floors of both blocks from residential to media and broadcast venues from May 1 to September 30.

The application has left tenants wondering how a building deemed unfit for purpose can now become suitable for TV exposure.

Warren Lubin, who lives on the 20th floor in Lund Point, said he believed there were still several unanswered questions.

He said: “Some people are still living here and it will have a considerable impact on them.”

The council has declined to disclose how much money will be made from the BBC deal because they are still in commercial negotiations.

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It comes after it signed an agreement with University College London (UCL) last year to explore the possibility of building a new campus on the Carpenters Estate.

Joseph Alexander, vice-chairman of the Carpenters Against Regeneration Plans (CARP)said the council are “targeting little groups at a time. They are dismantling the existing community to build a new one.”

“They have never, ever provided any proof to residents that the tower blocks will be unsafe to live in, apart from saying it is not cost effective.

“The BBC is publicly funded, so we are still paying for it one way or another.”

A Newham Council spokesman said it was committed to redeveloping the Carpenters Neighbourhood.

He said: “Commercial arrangements are focused to bring the best value for the council by maximising revenue via the Olympics programme.

“This revenue will be reinvested in the Mayor’s Legacy Fund to provide services for young people and other residents.”