Stratford Foyer residents grow their own

Lovingly, Kathleen Jabati, a resident at Stratford’s Foyer complex, is tending the lettuce she is growing in a previously disused courtyard.

She and other residents have transformed the area into an allotment to give them their five-a-day healthy food intake and all for free.

After clearing the area of rubbish, they built five raised growing beds and planted carrots, potatoes, lettuce, strawberries, raspberries and a variety of herbs.

Residents have been using the food in workshops. learning about the health benefits of different foods and how to use them in meals.

The project has been funded with an Inspiring Sustainable Living grant from the Department for environment, food and rural affairs.

Kathleen, said: “At first when they said come and learn about food and healthy eating, I thought that I already knew all about it but I’ve learnt so much....and it tastes better than food from the supermarket.

And it costs a few pence to buy the seeds.”

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Focus E15 resident and one of the keenest food growers on the project, Meshack, said: “Anyone at the foyer who shows an interest can get involved, it’s about team work.

Julia Woodstock, of landlords East Thames said: “It has been a real pleasure to see some of the young people’s curiosity piqued.