Stratford cleaners dispute Newham Council parking fines

A group of cleaners and workers in Stratford has racked up almost �2,000 in fines after parking on what they believe is private land.

Brian Dariah and his colleagues at GSH Maintenance have been using spaces reserved for them at Jubilee House in Station Street.

But Newham Council parking officers insist it is a public highway and the penalty charge notices (PCNs) will still stand.

Mr Dariah, a supervisor, said they had parking there for years before they started to receive fines dating back to September last year. They intend to appeal to the independent Parking and Traffic Appeals Service.

He said: “This building is owned by a private company and it is on private land.

“Every time we are fined, our company charges an administration fee so that is another �25 on top of that.

“One of the people who have been fined is just a cleaner who works in the evenings and she still gets tickets.”

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Mr Dariah, who lives in Dagenham, believes a camera was recently installed at the side of Jubilee House just to monitor parked cars.

He added: “Ever since it was put up, they have started fining us.”

A Newham Council spokesman reiterated the authority’s stance that Station Street was a public highway.

“The council has taken enforcement action in this area for a range of contraventions including footway parking.

“The decision to issue these penalty charge notices is supported by precedent set by independent adjudicators at the parking and transport appeals service and precedent set by the Royal Courts of Justice.

“These state parking restrictions govern any length of highway or of any other road which the public habitually and freely pass over.”

He added: “If anyone has received a PCN which they believe to be invalid because they contend the land is private, they have the right to make representation to the council.”