Stoptober: Vaping helps Recorder photographer quit smoking

Paul Bennett smoking his e-cigarette outside Archant's office in Ilford

Paul Bennett smoking his e-cigarette outside Archant's office in Ilford - Credit: Archant

Recorder photographer Paul Bennett had been a smoker since he was just 14 years old.

But now, more than five decades on, he’s made the switch to e-cigarettes and hasn’t had a puff on a regular fag for three weeks.

Although it’s early days, he is confident that vaping could have finally enabled him to kick the habit.

“I’ve not even looked for some tobacco so I suppose that I have packed up without even meaning to,” Paul said.

“I didn’t buy the thing and tell myself that I was going to give up, I never made myself any promises, but it seems to be going that way.”

He previously smoked about half an ounce of tobacco a day but is now getting his fix from puffing on his nicotine e-cigarette.

Unlike many smokers, Paul had never contemplated quitting despite encouragement from his family and friends.

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“It has been a habit and I didn’t think that I had the willpower,” he admitted. “When I’ve run out of fags in the past I have got quite moody so I thought I knew the outcome if I had decided to try and pack it up.”

He decided to make the switch after beginning to feel the effects of his addiction.

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