Stephen Timms MP blasts Boris Johnson’s plans to close underground rail ticket offices

East Ham MP Stephen Timms has called on the community to oppose Boris johnson’s plans to close ticket offices at every underground station by 2015.

The Mayor of London’s plan will result in fewer staff in stations across London. Opponents say fewer staff could result in less safe stations and that travel could become more difficult for people with disabilities.

Londoners will also have nowhere to turn if their Oyster card is lost, stolen or broken.

Mr Timms said: “This announcement by the Mayor is deeply troubling. Serious questions must be asked of his judgement.

“The role the staff at ticket offices play is vital – particularly for people new to London and those with disabilities.

“We need a transport system that works for the millions of hard-working daily commuters across our city and this seems like a step in the wrong direction.

“I will stand with Londoners in opposing this move.”