Soccer AM presenter destroys card Westminster in Stratford

A freestanding card replica of the Palace of Westminster was gleefully destroyed in Stratford last week after it took a world-class cardstacker seven days to build.

Soccer AM presenter Max Rushden arrived at Aspers Casino in Westfield Stratford City to carry out the destructive task of demolishing a card structure of the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben.

Bryan Berg, who currently holds the Guinness World Record for building the World’s Largest House of Freestanding Cards, built the landmark out of cards with no adhesive of any kind.

People voted online for their favourite national landmark for weeks and the home of the Houses of Parliament won with 32 per cent of the votes while Royal residence Winsdor Castle was second with 20 per cent and world heritage site Stonehenge came in third with 11 per cent.

Bryan laid the first card a week ago (Weds Feb 15) and he completed his masterpiece on February 22.

Sky Poker, the online poker firm, sponsored the event as part of their Play the Nation campaign.