Simplify EU laws for small businesses, says Newham MEP

A campaign to simplify financial regulations for small businesses has gained the support of Newham’s Member of European Parliament.

MEP Sarah Ludford met with the London team of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) to sign up to their Real-Life Entrepreneurs campaign to stimulate local business growth.

It aims to put pressure on the Government to boost banking competition and increase access to finance, tackle late payments, ease regulation and simplify the tax system for small to medium-sized businesses.

Ms Ludford said: “Liberals in Europe recognise that for the economy to get back on track we need an environment in which small businesses can flourish.

“That’s why LibDem Euro-MPs led the effort to free small businesses from burdensome EU accounting regulations.

“We are determined, with the support of LibDem Business Secretary Vince Cable, to cut through more red tape.

“Talking to people like the FSB is essential to find out which EU business laws should be simplified or discarded.”