Silvertown Hammer, 76, says West Ham’s Olympic Stadium ‘discriminating’ against elderly

Josephine Roberts is very upset that West Ham aren’t giving her an OAP discount for her seat at the

Josephine Roberts is very upset that West Ham arent giving her an OAP discount for her seat at the Olympic Park stadium - Credit: Archant

A die-hard 76-year-old Hammer said she feels saddened and “discriminated against” after being told she will have to pay £600 a year more to sit with her sons when the club move to the Olympic Stadium.

Josephine Roberts, of Silvertown, who has been happily blowing bubbles for as long as she can remember, said she was told the pensioners’ discount she received at the Boleyn Ground won’t apply when West Ham United move to Stratford next season – leaving her with a difficult choice.

“I can bite the bullet and pay £600 more to sit with my sons,” she said. “Or I can take the discount on the other side of the stadium and have a rubbish seat.

“I’ve got bad eyes so I won’t even be able to see the game if I take a discounted seat, and I’ve got severe arthritis so it would be hard getting around without my sons.”

Josephine, who said she’s been going to games longer than club vice-chairman Karren Brady has been alive, is already preparing to pay the extra cash to avoid missing out on a “big part of [her] life”.

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“I’ve already cancelled Sky – I love my football, you see – but it’s still going to be hard because I’m on a fixed income,” she said.

She added her season ticket will go from about £450 to more than £1,000, something she considers “unfair” and “wrong”.

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“Us old fans have given so much money to the club over the years,” she said. “We’ve been so loyal.

“It’s just discrimination against the elderly.”

But Josephine, who has followed the Irons all over the country, doesn’t want to “disrespect” her beloved club.

“I don’t want any bad feelings between me and West Ham,” she said. “It’s my club.

“I just don’t think this is right – the discount should apply across the whole stadium.”

A West Ham spokesman declined to comment.

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