Shop sells out of signed Billie Eilish books 'in minutes'

Billie Eilish attending the World Premiere of No Time To Die, held at the Royal Albert Hall in Londo

Global superstar Billie Eilish - Credit: PA

Newham Bookshop was chosen to sell signed copies of a book by music superstar Billie Eilish - and sold out in minutes.

The store, based in Barking Road, was one of four independent shops across the capital to receive the inked copies of the multi award-winning singer's self-titled photo book.

The 20-year-old, whose hits include bad guy, has won seven Grammys and three Brit Awards.

The bookshop sold the 25 signed editions in just 15 minutes, according to shop manager Vivian Archer.

Signed copies of Billie Eilish's self-titled book were sold by Newham Bookshop

Signed copies of Eilish's self-titled book were sold by Newham Bookshop - Credit: Newham Bookshop

It came after Eilish posted on her Instagram Stories to say where and when they would be available.

Vivian said: "She put it on her Instagram at 8 o'clock in the morning on Tuesday (June 14) and we'd sold out by quarter past eight.

"People are still wandering in asking if we've got copies.

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"I actually had to take the phone of the hook on Tuesday - it was amazing."

Eilish is in the UK this month playing gigs as part of the world tour for her second studio album Happier Than Ever.

Vivian said a number of those who bought copies were going to her concerts and asked to have one reserved.

Billie Eilish book

The book includes hundreds of photographs from the singer's life - Credit: Newham Bookshop

She said it was "a great honour" for the bookshop, which was founded in 1978, to be asked to sell the signed editions.

Eilish, who won an Oscar for her James Bond theme No Time to Die, was reported by Teen Vogue in 2019 saying that she does not sign autographs because they were being sold on.

Vivian said the shop gets many signed music books but that Eilish's signed copies are "really rare".

Calls are still coming in from people to enquire if any remain in stock, she added.

"Something that was lovely was quite a few kids saw the Instagram message at 8am and texted their parents  - 'you've got to rush down there'.

"People would ring and say 'we'll be a quarter of an hour, 20 minutes'.

"It was a very nice surprise - I could have done with another 100 copies."