Shanghai maths teachers sum up Stratford experience

UK-Shanghai Maths Exchange Programme at Stratford Schools Academy

UK-Shanghai Maths Exchange Programme at Stratford Schools Academy - Credit: Archant

Maths students picked up additional techniques as they hosted two international visitors in their classrooms.

Teachers from Shanghai paid a visit to Stratford School Academy last month, where they divided their attention between Year 7 and 8 students as the school hosted a maths hub for the three week-long programme.

Students were able to learn new ways of multiplying their knowledge, while host teachers looked to expand learning methods.

“Lin Jing’s lessons have an element of fun in them, it was fun being involved in the Shanghai methods of learning,” enthused Year 7 student, Esrom Musse.

Visiting teacher Mia Q added:

“The teachers we met shared their teaching experiences with us which made me feel as if I was in a very harmonious atmosphere.

“I attended lectures on the second day of my arrival along with a series of lessons to give me a preliminary understanding of the British school classroom setting.

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“The students’ friendliness and liveliness left a deep impact on me. The students were actively involved and enthusiastic about the lesson, their enthusiasm gave me great inspiration.”

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