Second time lucky as Newham planners approve Thames cable car

Plans to build a cable car linking the Royal Docks with North Greenwich have won the go-ahead from Newham planners - for the second time.

The council’s strategic development committee met last night to reconsider the proposals in light of a safety review ordered by London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Members originally gave the green light at a meeting in January but were asked to withdraw their approval after campaigners raised concerns that the new link would pass through London City Airport’s public safety zone.

The review, conducted by the National Air Traffic Service, concluded last month that the plans poses a “very low risk”.

The probability of an aircraft accident affecting the cable car would be less than one incident every 15 million years, it found.

In a report to the meeting, Newham planning officers said the review had not identified “unacceptable health and safety implications in terms of the public safety zone or wake turbulence from the operations of London City Airport”.

Greenwich Council now has to approve the plans for a second time before they are passed to the Mayor’s Office for the final sign-off.