Sadness at Boney M star death

My sadness at star’s death

A NEWHAM singer has expressed her sadness at the death of a star of 1970s group Boney M.

Bobby Farrell was the former frontman of the European chart topping band died recently while touring in St Petersburg, Russia on December 30, after complaining of breathing problems before and after the show. The band made it to the charts with hits like Brown Girl in the Ring and By the Rivers of Babylon and enjoyed huge success in Europe.

Singer and songwriter Ashleigh Denis, from Stratford, performed on several international shows in countries such as America, Russia, Canada, Italy and Bali as a member of Bobby Farrell and Boney M.

She said: “I was saddened to hear of the death of Bobby Farrell. My view of him was as an eccentric and lively person. We used to have chats where he would give me good advice about my singing.

“Touring with him internationally was an honour. He will be missed.”