Royal Wedding street party in Banks Way, Manor Park, ‘brings people together’

Families in Banks Way, Manor Park, enjoyed a super Royal Wedding Street Party organised by Emelda Ballah-Douglas & Georgina Yearsley.

With the help of families of Banks Way, a small cul-de-sac, they laid on a fine spread.

On the day they had barbecuing and dishes brought out from all homes and it became a right royal celebration. Bunting and flags joined the houses in red white and blue streaks.

Street Party organisers Emelda & Georgina had sent invitations out to the entire close and held informal meetings with residents to ensure everyone was ready to participate and party.

Said Emela, chair of the residents association: “It was also a way for Mr & Mrs Choudhury, a couple who had just recently moved into their first house four weeks prior to the celebrations, to get to know everyone. I spoke to neighbour Paul Purcell who supplied and manned one of the Bouncy Castles: “It’s been a fantastic day. This street party has brought the whole cul-de-sac together in a way that has never happened before.

“The people that live here have their own families, their own busy lives - and though we know each other enough to say hello to one another this street party has really brought us together as a proper community; we’re now friends. It’s gone from casual ‘hello’s’ to a real community spirit.”