Royal Wedding invitation among lost property from Newham

Forgetful Newham people left 8,311 items of lost property behind on public transport in the borough in the last financial year.

London Transport has revealed that the most common items left on public transport in Newham were books (1,558), bags (1,292) and mobile phones (1,073).

In total, absent-minded Londoners left over 200,000 personal possessions on public transport last year – including even an invitation to the Royal Wedding.

Transport for London’s Lost Property Office (LPO) dealt with items found on trains, buses and licensed taxis.

A diverse array of items were found including folders of schoolwork, power tools, pushchairs and crutches.

LPO manager Paul Cowen said: “People are generally honest and those treasured items that passengers thought they may had lost forever may actually be in our office just waiting to be picked up.”

Reclaim lost property on 0845 330 9882 or online at