Romany Gypsy families in Stratford tell story of their Olympic move

Travellers held an exhibition outside their new site in Stratford to document their relocation from the Olympic site.

Located at Parkway Crescent, “Travellers Olympic Move” is an exhibition of images captured through the eyes and cameras of traveller children to tell the story of the journey of 15 Romany Gypsy families from Clays Lane to their new site off Leyton Road.

The exhibition, to commemorate Gypsy Roma Travller History Month, was opened by Greater London Assembly Member for City and East John Biggs on Thursday June 14.

The images are displayed around the outside of the site and pupils from local schools were invited to take part in a programme of activities from June 12 to 14 to raise cultural awareness about Gypsies and Travellers and learn about their lives.

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