Roller skate disco in Forest Gate gets help from Jack Petchey Foundation

Forest Gate roller disco

Forest Gate roller disco - Credit: submitted

A 20-year-old has set up a Friday night roller disco with the help of the Jack Petchey Foundation.

Yousuf Javed, 20, of Forest Gate, who set up a roller disco

Yousuf Javed, 20, of Forest Gate, who set up a roller disco - Credit: submitted

The idea for the disco, which is said to have proved popular with young people, came from Yousuf Javed, of Forest Gate.

Yousuf had been roller skating with friends for years but struggled to find a suitable and regular location.

He then decided to put on a Friday night roller disco at Forest Gate Youth Zone, a youth club on the corner of Woodford Road and Dames Road, which he had attended since he was 11.

To promote the disco he held a showcase event for youngsters attending the club.

Yousuf said: “The tricks we were doing created a wow factor for young people. They were very enthusiastic to try it themselves.

“The roller discos create a vibrant scene and encourage communication and interaction between young people.”

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But until recently the club only had one pair of skates and had to rely on members getting their own. But after one of its members won a Jack Petchey award the club was able to purchase seven new pairs of indoor skates.

Yousuf, who won a Jack Petchey Award himself last year for his personal development into becoming a youth leader, has also helped develop the youth club’s gym and music facilities, including setting up a recording studio.

The Jack Petchey Foundation was set up in 1999 by businessman Jack Petchey and has invested £75million in a wide range if youth initiatives.

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