Road marking is sussed at last in Plaistow!

They’ve got this road marking lark sussed at last!

A few weeks ago, we highlighted how a road marking in Plaistow had become an unofficial tourist attraction after the word bus was incorrectly spelt as sus.

Speculation mounted that it might be the new venue where the police might round up the usual suspects?

Or possibly a painter lost concentration half way through his job!

Either way, it was not the best example in the world on how to correctly spell a simple word like “bus”.

But now everything has been put right,

With the aid of a little bit of yellow paint, the letter S has been turned back into a B. And all is right with the world of road markings in the Barking Road.

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Sus Stop reverted back to Bus Stop and everything was all white, well, all yellow actually.

And now bus drivers know they are stopping at the right place