River Lea photo exhibition opens at Cody Dock

Photographer Peter Marshall at Cody Dock

Photographer Peter Marshall at Cody Dock - Credit: Liz Whitworth

A photo exhibition about the River Lea has opened in Canning Town.

Visitors enjoy the exhibition

Visitors enjoy the exhibition - Credit: Liz Whitworth

The Cody Dock exhibition, titled ‘All about the Lea’ celebrates the work of Peter Marshall, who has been taking pictures of the Lea for 40 years.

Engagement officer Liz Whitworth hopes the event will promote a historical interest in the area.

She said: “It’s lovely to celebrate the way this area used to be and see how it can change.

“For people who come here, it’s a chance to bring back memories and show the areas’ heritage.

Cody Dock art exhibition

Cody Dock art exhibition - Credit: Archant

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“It’s been a great benefit for schools too. When Eastlea School visited the pupils had no idea the school was named after the River Lea!”

The free exhibition is to form a wider programme of activities at Cody Dock, including the restoration of a community boat to be used as a venue and learning opportunity.

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Photographer Peter Marshall said: “With the rapid redevelopment of the lower Lea area the current time seems a particularly important one to record.

“Photographs always have a point of view. Mine I hope express some of the liking I have for the area.”

‘All about the Lea’ will be open until Sunday, April 23, with extended openings during the Easter holidays.

For more information go to gasworkdocks.org.uk.

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