Rising star: East Ham music producer Alfa Mist

Alfa Mist claims to have amassed one million listens of his EP Nocturne on Soundcloud

Alfa Mist claims to have amassed one million listens of his EP Nocturne on Soundcloud - Credit: Cosa Nostra Music

He’s a music producer, rapper – and even a self-taught jazz pianist – but Alfa Mist seems humble about his talents.

“I just feel that I cannot talk sometimes,” he says after a lengthy pause to one of my questions.

He may feel that way but his introspective worrying could be the reason why the 24-year-old music producer and performer is creating such complex music, gaining a rapid fanbase of listeners in the process.

Nurtured on grime, before discovering classical music and the syncopated beats of jazz at college, Alfa’s music is diverse in its both its style and mood.

“I am kind of pessimistic as well,” he admits. “It comes through in the music. It is quite energetic but it is quite dark as well.”

His latest EP Nocturne, which he calls a “conceptual piece” is a 11-record, soul-infused track embued with hiphop beats, jazz riffs and melodic voices.

The record is a reference to his late night working patterns, a result of frequent bouts of insomnia.

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After gaining a huge million listens on Soundcloud since the record’s release in July 2015, Alfa is now preparing to perform his first headline show at St Pancras Church on Monday, February 8.

“I am very excited. It is stressful but it is a good stress,” he says.

The East Ham resident who went to Langdon Academy and Newham Sixth Form College, has pulled together all the record’s various collaborators for the evening. “It will be good for people to see us all under the same roof,” he says.

‘Us’ refers to a whole mix of people, from people such as singer/songwriter Emmavie and Jordan Rakei to his friend Barney, a rapper from Forest Gate who he has known since school.

“A lot of my friends are doing really well right now,” he says, seeming genuinely pleased for their success.

Born and raised in East Ham, Alfa began creating music at age 15. He wanted to become a professional footballer but his mum wanted him to complete two years at college first.

Duly obliging, he took three A-levels plus a BTEC in music composition but also learnt how to play the piano after watching his music tutor perform John Legend’s Ordinary People.

“I am really happy that anyone is listening to my music,” he says about his rapid ascent. Pretty soon, he can add performing on stage to that list too.

Tickets cost £10. Visit dice.fm.

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