Residents petition to stop parking zone in Boleyn ward

Residents of Central Park Road left to right: Civil servant dennis Mentessi, 47, company directer Zu

Residents of Central Park Road left to right: Civil servant dennis Mentessi, 47, company directer Zubair Ali, 30, child minder Kim Rutter, 52 and retired labatory technician Pamela Ball, 70 who are opposed to the planned residents parking scheme. - Credit: Archant

Thousands of people have signed a petition against new parking charges that could mean residents would have to pay to park outside their homes.

The petition was started in Boleyn Ward, East Ham, after Newham Council launched a public consultation on a possible Residential Parking Zone (RPZ) in their streets.

Under the proposals, the RPZ – which would be the 19th in Newham – would give residents one free parking permit and charge them for visiting cars.

The council says the consultation is a response to petitions calling for parking controls and that it is not a foregone conclusion.

But residents have expressed concern at the proposals.

Pamela Ball, 70, of Beverley Road, who helped start the petition, said: “People pay their car tax, they pay a lot on fuel, why should they have to pay to park their cars?”

“I’m a pensioner. I don’t drive, but if my grandson comes to cut the grass I will have to pay.”

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Along with the petition, bearing about 2,500 names, the residents went door to door canvassing their neighbours, and presented the council with hundreds of completed consultation forms on Friday.

Dennis Mentessi, 47, a civil servant, who lives in Montpellier Gardens, said: “We think the parking zone is a way of raising funds. It’s a hidden tax. The first car is free, but if we have a big family we have to then pay for a book of tickets. It’s ridiculous.”

A spokesman for Newham Council said: “A decision has not yet been made on whether to introduce an RPZ in Boleyn Ward.

“Our consultation process is carried out in stages to ensure residents are able to comment and express their views on parking issues in their neighbourhood.

“Only once we have carried out two consultations in a local area and received a 20 per cent response rate, with 55 per cent in favour of an RPZ, would we seek to introduce a parking scheme which is tailored to local people’s needs.”

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