Residents’ ‘mould’ win as Newham Council pledges to fix problem

Hoskins Close residents won a victory on mould in their homes

Hoskins Close residents won a victory on mould in their homes - Credit: Submitted, free to use

Tenants and residents celebrated a victory against mould by baking “mouldy” gingerbread house biscuits for the council.

People living at Hoskins Close, Custom House, had been complaining that persistent mould in their homes was the result of a structural problem with the block of flats, but had repeatedly been told it was up to them to open windows or turn up the heating.

But, residents, working as part of Peach (People’s Empowerment Alliance for Custom House), said they had now had confirmation the mould was caused by a structural issue and had secured pledge from Newham Council’s head of property services, Simon Throp, to prioritise tackling the causes of the mould.

Various options to fix the problem are expected to be drawn up and submitted to the council’s budget for consideration in April 2015.

Work is potentially set to begin as early as next summer.

To thank Mr Throp, residents gave him home-baked gingerbread homes for Christmas.

To mark their victory, some were decorated with green colouring to show mould.

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They also wrote a card which they said was to remind Mr Throp of his promise over the holidays, which was delivered to his office on Tuesday.

Resident Terrence Harris said: “I’m very happy that we got the agreement for the council to solve the mould problem.

“The difference it will make is huge.

“I will be able to have my family round, and my daughter and granddaughter to stay – I will be able to use my home in the way it was intended.”

A Newham Council spokeswoman said: “We are working closely with residents of Hoskins Close to resolve the issues they are experiencing with damp and mould.

“We will be undertaking a detailed survey of all the affected properties to identify what is causing the problem. “

She added a range of options will be presented to residents and confirmed work will start in the new year.