Reports calls for change in measuring aircraft noise

The GLA’s Environment Committee is calling for changes to the way London City aircraft noise is measured.

It is recommending that the noise measurements from Heathrow and London City Airport should be combined to reflect the way people who live under both flight paths hear the noise.

The Committee’s report says: “In recent years, residents in areas in east London, such as the Docklands, have begun to experience combined increased levels of noise from aircraft serving London City Airport and Heathrow. Yet the noise contours for both airports are drawn up separately. We were told “That is clearly not how people hear noise…for those areas where you get a significant number of both Heathrow and City aircraft there has to be joint contours, otherwise it completely underestimates the actual noise that people are hearing in the area.”

“The Committee agrees with these conclusions and would urge the Department for Transport in conjunction with the Civil Aviation Authority to consider the scope for developing joint contours or other indicators.”