‘Repair team keep sending back my TV with more dents’

Patrick Hyland with his letters from Currys

Patrick Hyland with his letters from Currys - Credit: Archant

Despite buying his new television eight months ago, Patrick Hyland, from Beckton, has been unable to watch any of his favourite shows on it.

The 52-year-old claims that Currys delivered the 55 inch Samsung Curve with a dent in it, so he sent it back.

But he said it returned with more damage – something which has happened every time he has taken it to the Beckton Triangle Retail Park store, he claims.

Mr Hyland, who lives in Eisenhower Drive, said: “It has come back about five or six times and each one it has got worse.”

He bought the £3,800 television in December and took out insurance on it, but said that Currys cancelled his insurance and refunded the £84 by cheque.

The electronics chain contests that Mr Hyland cancelled it himself.

A spokesman for Currys said: “We have thoroughly investigated this case.

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“Mr Hyland reported damage to us which would not have been covered by a warranty. We offered our ‘fault and fix’ service but this was not taken up.

“Several days later Mr Hyland set up a support agreement and subsequently reported the damage again.”

She added: “Our terms and conditions state that we cannot carry out repairs on damage that occurred prior to the agreement being put in place, so we are unable to fulfil the claim on this occasion.”

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