Relatives still waiting for answers

Relatives of two elderly patients injured during an horrific attack by a man are still waiting for answers from hospital bosses.

A week after the attack, which occurred at Newham General Hospital shortly after 12.40am on Saturday January 15, the families of the two women who were most severely injured were still waiting for answers.

A 22-year-old man has since been sectioned under the Mental Health Act after attacking five patients and two staff at the hospital in Glen Road, Plaistow.

Mrs Consuelo Camacho, 75, was battered about the head, face and body during the attack. She was declared “critical” after suffering a broken jaw in the incident.

She was transferred to The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel where she remains.

Hospital bosses said they had launched an inquiry.

Mrs Camacho’s daughter , Melita told the Recorder she was still waiting to hear from the hospital.

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She said: “She is confused and says somebody is going to get her. She is wandering about and she talks about things. She can’t have an operation on her broken jaw because her blood count is really low.”

The attack on Mrs Camacho came to an end when another patient, Mrs Margaret George, opposite her pleaded with the attacker to stop hitting her. He then turned on her, ripping out her drip and hitting her on the arms and legs.

Her grand-daughter Mrs Laraine Thomas, 40, told the Recorder: “She is still petrified. I think it is going to traumatise her for the rest of her life. Young people our age can recover but I don’t she can ever recover. The other day five men went to visit someone and she said “get them out of here, they are going to attack.””

She said they had heard nothing from the hospital and had sent in a formal letter of complaint.

She said they had heard nothing from the hospital and had sent in a formal letter of complaint.

Laraine said: “We are not happy. And where were the security when all this was going on.”

Mrs George, 80, who lives in Canning Town, was expected to be released from hospital today (Friday).