Red bus and Thames red sunset make it a London ginmaker’s photo finish

Up-and-coming photographic talent has been exposed in east London in a gin maker’s picture competition.

Two budding snappers from Stratford and the Isle of Dogs got through the finals of Beefeater Gin’s ‘My London’ contest for students at St Martin’s art college on a BA Graphic Design course.

Karen Morris from Stratford scored a winner with her image of a Union Jack teapot and red London bus she spotted on a shelf in a bric-a-brac shop, with her caption ‘My London is unique and vibrant.’

Helena Mcaleer from Manchester Road, Cubitt Town, chose an autumnal sunset at Island Gardens near her home on the Thames waterfront, looking west towards the City, with the caption ‘My London is relaxing among the hustle and bustle of it all and remembering what a beautiful world we live in!’