Recorder letters: Class of 1962, trains, volunteers week, FGM, save bees


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Burke Secondary Modern School, 1962, class 4C. Picture: CONTRIBUTED BY PETER HARMAN

Do you recognise yourself in class of 1962 picture?

Peter Harman, address supplied, writes:

I am sending you a photograph of my last year of school in July 1962.

This is of class 4C at Burke Secondary Modern. The teacher is Mr Murdoch and I am in the back row sixth from the left.

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I was wondering if there was anybody else out there who remembers this photo.

Train letter was perfectly timed

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Robert Rush, Chairman, Monega (Resident’s) Association, Forest Gate writes:

The letter in last week’s Recorder ‘Most agree with Corbyn on railway’ was perfectly timed, as that same morning I was discussing the topic with a complete stranger at a bus stop.

He thought that the railways would be better run by the government, and it was all be better value for money. I asked him how long he had been in the country and he said ten years, so I pointed out to him that before he arrived, they were privatised because they were in a terrible state - under-invested in, with dirty trains, run down stations and had terrible timekeeping. He seemed suprised, but it’s a fact. ‘But the cost of fares will come down’ he said. I pointed out that it just cost me £6.50 to get all the way to Birmingham, and I was just about to travel to Oxford for a pound less than that. He boarded the bus a wiser man.

Last weeks edition also carried a story about the ‘Shrewsbury Road Surgery’ being placed in special measures. If this related to the GP’s surgery then I am suprised as this has never been an issue raised by residents at any of our meetings. However, the clinic on the same site is certainly not ideal and maybe this is what your feature was about. Incidentaly, the picture you carried was of neither, but of an admin building of the Old East Ham Hospital.

Get involved with volunteers week

Andy Broomhead, head of volunteering, Diabetes UK, writes:

As Volunteers Week starts (June 1-7) - the annual celebration of the fantastic contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK - Diabetes UK is encouraging people to get involved and make a difference for people living with diabetes.

Diabetes is the fastest growing health threat today. Many adults are at increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes but don’t even know it. Its impact and complications can be devastating, causing blindness, amputations, even early death.

During Volunteers Week, Diabetes UK will be raising awareness of the huge contribution made by the hundreds of volunteers for the charity who help support people affected by diabetes in their communities, raise vital funds to fund a huge range of research projects and campaign to improve diabetes care

Despite the huge numbers of people either living with diabetes or at increased risk of being diagnosed with it, fewer than two in five people think that they or their close family are likely to get diabetes.

For more information about diabetes visit

MPs must protect girls from FGM

Lynn Gradwell, director, Barnardo’s London, writes:

London’s next MPs must help protect girls from female genital mutilation.

Promises about tax, the NHS and education are likely to fill the leaflets of London’s parliamentary candidates, but it’s unlikely you’ll see anything about female genital mutilation (FGM), or other harmful traditional practices such as breast ironing.

These issues rarely grab

the headlines, so it’s not

surprising politicians don’t prioritise them. But the capital’s next set of MPs must not ignore

this serious form of child sexual abuse. NHS statistics show that although FGM is a hidden problem, it affects thousands of women and girls.

Barnardo’s supports girls who are at risk, as well as those who have undergone the procedure. Our specially trained social workers are embedded in local authorities, and we run training programmes to help social workers, teachers, doctors and other professionals realise when a girl is in danger and how to report this to the police.

The National FGM Centre, run by Barnardo’s with the Local Government Association, has shone a light on this secret form of abuse and as a result we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of FGM-related referrals.

We want the next government to commit to helping us achieve our goal of ending FGM within 15 years. We also need it to end other hidden forms of child abuse, including those linked to faith or belief, and breast ironing or flattening.

Whoever is in power after June 8 must pledge to protect children from these concealed crimes and ensure they have the opportunity and the right to live happy, healthy lives.

Take part in count to help species

Craig Bennett, chief executive, Friends of the Earth, writes:

Our bees aren’t just an iconic sign of a British summer, they are vital for pollinating much of the food we enjoy every day, and the wildflowers that decorate our countryside.

But Britain’s bees are under threat, with around 35 UK species considered to be at risk of extinction, from loss of habitats, pesticides and intensive farming.

This is why Friends of the Earth is running the Great British Bee Count, which runs until June 30.

By downloading a fun, free app you can find out more about the bees that visit your gardens, parks and neighbourhoods, and find out what you can do to help them – such as creating bee-friendly spaces. And you can also send in sightings and photos of the bees you spot too.

Join the buzz at or search for ‘Great British Bee Count’ in your app store.

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