Protest dodgeball match planned against oil giant Shell’s event in Olympic Park

Fossil Free Newham chasing a "divestment monster" through Stratford town centre to the Old Town Hall

Fossil Free Newham chasing a "divestment monster" through Stratford town centre to the Old Town Hall. Photo by Ellie Hoskins - Credit: Archant

Protestors are planning to target oil giant Shell’s event in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park this weekend by playing a game of dodgeball outside the event.

Shell’s Make the Future event is about new energy solutions for the future, according to the company.

However Fossil Free Newham, who are helping to organise the protest, have said Shell are trying to “greenwash” their image and aims to “convince young people that the oil industry is a desirable employer”.

Alethea Warrington from Fossil Free London said: “This whole Make the Future campaign is sickeningly cynical and transparent.

“When we heard about the event happening in the Olympic Park we were furious at Shell’s blatant hypocrisy, but we figured the best way to react against it was with a laugh, which is why we decided to take on Shell by playing dodgeball.

“It will be a fun day out in the park, and let Shell know we’re not falling for any of their greenwash.”

Their “fun and family-friendly intervention” will involve two dogeball teams - Shell and the people.

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Shell players are asked to come dressed as a suited oil executive, while people playing on the side of the people are asked to wear clothes in planetary colours.

A Shell spokeswoman said: “We want to work to help solve the world’s energy challenges, and that includes working with those who disagree with us.

“We will always be open to and indeed welcome honest and constructive discussion and debate.”

The protest, which more than 200 people have expressed an interest in attending on Facebook, is planned between 1pm and 2pm on Sunday outside the gates of the festival.

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