Pregnant kitten dumped at RSPCA shop in East Ham

A pregnant cat was dumped outside a shop run by the Newham branch of the RSPCA last week.

Now the cat is being cared for by the charity.

Branch member Linda Stock, said: “The poor little thing was in a cardboard box outside our RSPCA shop.

“It was not noticed until the end of the day when things were taken inside. The poor cat had been inside the box in the heat.”

The RSPCA shop is in Barking Road.

There was a note attached asking for help for the animal.

“The shop was open but the peopple who left it, obviously did want to go inside. We do help with neutering cats and there is a free service for this when people are unable to afford it.” added Linda.

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“The cat will be taken care of by one of our volunteers.”

The group is looking for volunteers to take care of the cat and its kittens once they have been born.