Post-Games Olympic Park ‘will be sustainable’

Olympic legacy bosses have set out their green-friendly plans for the site after the Games.

Residents who move to the Olympic Park from 2013 will lives in energy efficient homes, use less drinking water than the average Londoner, and no waste will be sent to landfill by 2025.

The newly-formed London Legacy Corporation has published the pledges for the first time in a ‘Sustainability Guide’.

In it, they show how they will encourage people to choose healthier and more active lifestyles, attract permanent jobs, and build family homes.

The park will be closed after the Games until July 2013 to allow construction and re-fitting to take place.

Promises include ensuring 95 per cent of visitors to events and attractions arrive by public transport, cycle, or foot.

One fifth of care parking spaces are to have access to electric charge points, while chemicals will not be used on weeds and pests.

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Andrew Altman, the corporation’s chief executive, said: “This guide sets out an ambitious plan to not just deliver sustainable parklands, homes and jobs but also to create an environment that drives behavioural change.

“This ambition will shape every development on the Park from the low energy homes, to the ticketless events, to the beautiful bio-diverse habitat we plan to create.”

All homes will have smart meters to help people monitor their energy usage, and no property will be more than 350 metres from a bus stop.

There will also be 120 hectares of open space within the Park and the surrounding area.

Shaun McCarthy, chairman of the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012, said: “This strategy represents a step change for sustainability on the Park, setting challenging targets in many areas.

“Yet there is still more to do if we are all to enjoy a sustainable future.”