Pop into Stratford’s ‘The Eddie’ for an art attack

A couple of months ago, Jarvis Cocker, Jamie Winstone and Pam Hogg were haggling over a painting of a bag decorated with baked beans entitled “Beanbag”.

Winstone won the coveted artwork by Newham artist Marty Thornton who has brought his unique brand of pop art to one of Stratford’s most-loved pubs.

Growing up around Baalam Street in Plaistow, Marty originally worked in interior design before his friend of 19 years, the author Molly Parkin, coaxed him into displaying 20 of his canvases at a joint show in Brick Lane.

By 2pm, all of Marty’s pieces had sold out, he’d nabbed himself an agent and Marty has never looked back.

Working as a full-time artist for the past six years, Marty shows regularly at shows in Shoreditch attracting people from all walks of life to his sparkly, eye-catching pieces - including the odd celebrity like Winstone and even Madonna.

Currently, the walls of the King Edward VII pub on Stratford’s Broadway - the King Eddie to locals - are adorned with spangly interpretations of pop icons from Jimmy Hendrix to Amy Winehouse, Heinz baked bean cans, and London landscapes made from cut up Louis Vuitton handbags to reflective acetate.

Marty said: “I love packaging. My newest are 1950s cereal boxes, retro ones. It didn’t do Andy Warhol any harm doing a soup can, did it?

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“Because I’m here, I really want to kick off this place as a gallery space. When I came here, there were big pictures of salmon and carrots.

“So I said to the owner, no one’s going to miss those pictures. I think it’s definitely lifted the mood in this place.”

Marty hopes his pop up art show at the King Eddie is one of many to come as Stratford makes its mark on London.

He said: “A lot of people moving to the area, who are meeting in places like this, are different from before.

“But whether it does kick off or doesn’t, I’ve tried here and hopefully it will. At this point, life’s brought me to Stratford, so we’ll see what happens.”

Marty Thornton’s pop art is currently showing at King Edward VII, 47 Broadway, Stratford, E15 4BQ.