Plaistow tenants evacuated after water leak threatens power supply

Tenants at a sheltered housing block in Plaistow were forced to leave their homes for a night after water damage caused by a leak.

Firefighters said they initially evacuated 21 residents following a leak at Rowntree Clifford Close in Liddon Road, which affected 18 flats.

Despite the damage being limited to the ceiling and first floor corridor, the tenants had to stay away because of fears the water could have got into the electricity supply.

The leak originated from piping on the second floor, according to Riverside Housing, which manages the property.

The housing association sent in extra staff to oversee the evacuation, from about 5pm last Friday. Firefighters left the scene about three-and-a-half hours later.

A spokesman said eight evacuated tenants stayed in a nearby hotel for the night before being allowed back to their homes over the weekend.

She said: “As a precautionary measure, the fire brigade suggested we just evacuate for the night.

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“At the time there were some repairs being done to the roof but we are not sure whether it is connected to that.”