Plaistow teachers loves spending time with her dog

Ailsa McPhee with her dog Buster

Ailsa McPhee with her dog Buster - Credit: Archant

Dog-lover Ailsa McPhee says the animals not only bring great joy to their owners, they also have their own community.

The 36-year-old from Plaistow – owner of Buster – says: “They are amazing creatures, each with unique personalities.

“There is a great doggy community in Newham and Buster has lots of doggy friends we see in each of the parks – there’s Monty and Ollie in Brampton Park, Milo the pug and Buster’s girlfriend Poppy in Central Park.

“Buster is my family, we go for walks, we cuddle up and watch TV together. He dances with me in the kitchen and he loves my cooking.”

Ailsa said: “My first dog was a big soft labrador, Pheney.

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“I have pictures from when I was a baby of my older brother and sister sitting me on Pheney’s back and walking round the house like a queen.

“We also had a Westie, a Jack Russell and a sausage dog, who stole my grandma’s false teeth.

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“We had a litter of Scottie dogs, before we sold some of the Scottie pups – I didn’t speak to my dad for a couple of days when that happened.”

When she’s now out with Buster, Ailsa is a drama teacher at Eastlea Community School, Canning Town.

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