Plaistow students perform with international musician

Students from Lister School performing at the Barbican

Students from Lister School performing at the Barbican - Credit: Archant

Students from Lister School had the rare opportunity to perform with internationally famous violin virtuoso Nicola Benedetti MBE.

Altogether, 55 students from the Plaistow school, took to the stage at the Barbican on May 11 for the performance. Year 8 pupil, Bryanna Bondzie, said it “was fun” playing with the musician.

The 12-year-old added: “She was really nice and so inspirational because she is such a good player.

It was so exciting to play at the Barbican and I really want to do it again!”

Towards the end of the performance, the musician gave a speech on the importance of music education.

Altogether, six schools took part in the project.

Headteacher, Anthony Wilson, said: “I was enormously proud to see our students playing on the big stage alongside one of the great starts of classical music. Nicola Benedetti is a wonderful example of how far hard work can take you, and our students have learned a huge amount from her. It was an amazing evening.”