Plaistow’s Kiran proud to be Games film-maker

A Newham graduate has spoken of her role as a London Ambassador for the Olympics

Kiran Kaur, 20, from Plaistow spent weeks working for the Olympic Broadcasting Service as a camera assistant.

She told the Recorder: “I was only 14-years-old when it was announced that London’s bid to act as the host city in 2012 was successful.

“Having always lived in Newham, I felt particularly proud knowing I lived in what would essentially be regarded as the host borough. While I was excited, never could I have envisaged that I would end up working for the Olympic Broadcasting Service.

“I was based in the International Broadcast Centre in the Olympic Park yet I had the privilege of being part of a small team working on a behind the scenes documentary of the Olympics which meant we were required to travel to different venues every day.

“While my official title was a camera assistant, I had a range of tasks including interviewing other broadcasters, researching, logging and my most favourite task of all: filming Olympic events! The term ‘once in a lifetime’ is used far too often but I must admit, it is certainly in context when applied to my Olympic experience. I had the opportunity to see athletes win gold medals and be part of their special moment while they, without realising, were also part of mine as they were the focus of the camera I stood behind.

“I graduated just last month in BA Journalism from City University London and to think I had the honour of working in such an amazing role is something I will always be grateful for. Now I plan to be a freelance journalist yet I already have plans for 2016 – next stop, Rio for some more Olympic Broadcasting.”