Plaistow photographer wants ‘everyone to know’ his name

Alfred Bronson

Alfred Bronson - Credit: Archant

Freelance photographer, Alfred Bronson, wants to make a name for himself across the world.

A picture Alfred Bronson took when he was out on a bike ride

A picture Alfred Bronson took when he was out on a bike ride - Credit: Archant

When he’s not browsing the streets of the borough for the perfect picture, the 22-year-old is often working at exhibitions, fashion shoots, birthday parties and anything that keeps his name in the public eye.

Alfred, of Plaistow, has only been working for himself for just over a year, but is now hoping to make the next a big one, with plans of a new project.

“I’m just trying to stay on everyone’s lips and want everyone to know the name Alfred Bronson.

“Ideally I want to build a foundation that my grand kids can live from.

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“Also, want to make my own brand, Bronson for the World in the future.”

The former Brampton Manor Academy student has always had a passion for capturing the perfect shots, but didn’t decide on it as a career, until he left NewVic to attend a photography course at Barking and Dagenham College three years ago.

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“Truly, I just saw that I could make money doing it, so I started up.

“I saw opportunities with friends asking me about models wanting to do shoots and they were asking how much I would charge.

Alfred grew up taking pictures on a disposable camera, but hasn’t grown out of carrying his equipment everywhere he goes.

“I love taking pictures and I’m forever walking around with a 35mm camera.

“Technically I’m getting paid to have fun.

“Making money for having fun is what inspired me the most to start up.”

The former New City Primary School pupil is planning to launch a big new project about the borough later this year and is keen to get locals involved.

“I want to do a photo journalism project about the area, as it’s stereotyped as a bad area and East London as a whole is a bad area.

“I want to do a launch and get people involved in the project from the area.”

Follow @alfredbronson on Twitter to see his latest work.

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