Plaistow pensioner has been doing a paper round for decades

Paper boy Roy Thomas on his round

Paper boy Roy Thomas on his round - Credit: Archant

One man has been delivering newspapers around the borough for more than 20 years.

Paper boy Roy Thomas with his favourite newspaper

Paper boy Roy Thomas with his favourite newspaper - Credit: Archant

Roy Thomas is still putting the news through people’s doors – including the Recorder – aged 73, although he says he has to take it steady now.

Roy, from Solent Rise, Plaistow, said he “must be the oldest paper boy in Newham” and most likely elsewhere.

“It started when I moved to Plaistow from East Ham because I wanted the exercise and knew the area so well. I’ve keep doing it until now because I really enjoy doing it.”

Although, Roy is past the retirement age, he is still delivering papers for an hour or two every morning.

“I keep saying I’m packing it in but they keep calling me back because they always need me when people go away or need time off.

“It does get me out of the house for an hour or so, although as I can’t walk as far now with my knees.”

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He still tries to do as much as he can, but he admits that he can not help the older people with their shopping, as well as help with their gardening anymore in his spare time.

“I’ve made a lot of friends through working as a paperboy and still do as much as I can to help. It will be time to call it a day soon though.”

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