Pensioners’ protest in Stratford against fuel poverty

Pensioners have chosen Westfield Stratford City to protest today against fuel poverty in the wake of price rises announced by several energy providers.

The noon event is organised by the Greater London Pensioners Association and supported by direct-action group Fuel Poverty Action, who last winter staged a series of Warm Up protests and occupations.

The huge development at Stratford was targetted because in the organiser’s words “it’s toasty” - warm.

The Association is demanding that the government reinstate the Winter Fuel Allowance in full, that the energy companies reinvest in affordable, cleaner and safer energy supplies and use their profits to do so, instead of putting the cost onto the consumer.

Betty Cottingham from the GLPA said the group is extremely concerned “at the thousands of preventable deaths in this country which are attributable to the cold and outraged at the continuing weak response of the government.”

The spokeasperson continued “Traditionally people have gravitated to places which are warm and sheltered - most often shopping centres, buses and libraries- in order to delay putting on the heating at home. The shutting down of day centres and luncheon clubs has left the housebound with no alternative options to stay warm.”