Paralympian Amy’s visit to London City Airport

Paralympic swimming star Amy Marren visited London City Airport before making her debut at the Paralympics.

The Newham-born teenager was accompanied by her family during the visit.

Amy has been sponsored for three years by London City Airport, which has helped to pay for physiotherapy and training. The talented teenager will be competing in the London 2012 Paralympic Games, which has its Opening Ceremoney in Stratford tonight, in the Aquatics Centre for Team GB.

Amy Marren said: “I was invited to LCY for the day as they sponsored me through ELBA and UK sport. It’s an organisation set up to help budding athletes in their way to achieve gold. LCYs sponsorship has helped in so many ways, from travel, to kit, to fees. It’s an expensive way of life, but one that I love.

“The staff at LCY were amazing, and so friendly, and to be next to the runway with Canary Wharf in the background was surreal - I loved every minute of it.”

This sponsorship forms part of the airport’s Health and Wellbeing programme aimed at promoting healthy living in the local area among the young and old alike, especially during this Olympic year.