Our Kay helps the future generation

CHILDREN at a Newham primary school learned how the pen can be mightier than the sword when they were given a lesson on journalism.

The pupils at Cleves Primary in Arragon Road, East Ham learned about life as a ‘journo’ first-hand from our Chief Reporter Kay Atwal.

Kay said: “They were so keen they fired lots of questions at me before I got to the end.

“I was quite impressed at their in-depth knowledge about the newspaper industry. They were very media-savvy and had prepared well with lots of questions.

“I am sure there were a couple of budding journalists among them.”

Sultana Begum, 11, said: “It was very fascinating and interesting because her work really inspired me. Becoming a journalist is really hard. I thought it was easy, all you needed to do was just write a story but you have to work really hard.”

Johear Ali, 11, said: “I learned that it takes a lot of time to become a journalist because they need to do everything correct. They need to write it and show their work to the Editor who tells them what they’ve done wrong.”