Orient chief rules out a winter break

But would like to see more league games scheduled earlier in the season

Porter would like to see more league games scheduled for earlier in the season.

“A winter break would not be the answer, because you could not just wait for the bad weather and then implement a break – it would have to be scheduled in before the season starts,” said Porter.

“The problem is when to have a break. We have hardly played a game in December, but that’s not normally the time when the bad weather bites into the fixture list.

“If a break had been arranged for January and then, like this season, most of December had been lost to the weather, most clubs would have had two months without a game.

“That’s not sustainable and that’s why a winter break would be just too difficult to put into place.

“What might be better would be to arrange midweek league games early in the season.

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“It would help with the gates, because more people are likely to come when it’s still warm and light and you would get more games played before the bad weather hits.

“If that happened we might get to Christmas with teams having played 26 or 27 league games instead of 19 and 20.

“Although it’s not that simple, as we also have Carling Cup and Johnstone’s Paint Trophy games to schedule early in the season.”