Olympic walk raises �4,000 for young people in east London

Charitable cousins who embarked on an Olympian walk from Shropshire to Stratford completed their journey and raised a mammoth �4,000 for young people in east London.

Founder of youth charity the Daneford Trust, Tony Stevens was sponsored to walk 175 miles with his cousin Steve Nash from Wenlock, home of the 1850 Games, to the Olympic stadium, home of the 2012 Games.

Tony, 67, said: “We arrived at the Olympic Park tired but very grateful to have finished it!

“It was a very tough task, including walking alongside sheep, cows, endless on-coming HGV lorries, road kill, shoulder high rape seed oil plants, filthy unkempt roundabouts and some of the most beautiful English countryside, including the wrong side of the Severn River Pathway.

“The people and friends at the Wenlock Olympian Games gave us a wonderful send off on a lovely, sunny Sunday morning and then there was a gathering of friends (with pizza) the other end, at Stratford on Friday evening. Just what we needed.”

The Daneford Trust, based in Bethnal Green, has been sending young people from five east London boroughs on global volunteering programmes in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean for 30 years to promote international understanding.

Tony added: “Steve and I discussed the Olympic ideals and the relevance of these to our work with young people several times over the route. However, the great inspiration (one of the Olympic ideals!) has been the excellent, kind support that so many friends have given us so far.”