Olympic Village school calls prospective parents to Stratford

Future Olympic Village school Chobham Academy will be holding information evenings this month for prospective parents.

Due to open in September 2013, two information events for local families are being held at East Thames’ offices on West Ham Lane, Stratford from 5.30pm on June 26, Year 7 and Year 9 entry, and June 27, Sixth Form entry.

The school, situated at the ‘East Village’ part of the Olympic Village, will offer the English Baccalaureate and a specialised Performing Arts curriculum alongside standard qualifications.

Principal Jason Baigent believes the key to student success is confidence. He said: “In my experience in education, when you give students the confidence to believe that they are capable of excellence, that is exactly what they go on to achieve.”

Mr Baigent also said he wants to deter students from leaving the borough to attend Sixth Form and he “hopes Chobham Academy will change that.”

The Academy plans to split in two with mainstream qualifications and university coaching taught at Sixth Form Academia while Sixth Form Virtuoso will have more of a vocational, performing arts focus.

Getting in on the Olympic Games before they have even opened, the school’s gym is being used by athletes and team managers.

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Mr Baigent said: “We are going to place some Visitors’ Books at the entrance so they they can sign their names and send a message of ‘good luck’ to help inspire our future students.”

Aiming high, the education charity the Harris Foundation who run the Academy will help establish an Oxbrige mentoring scheme for students as young as 14 years old.

Full details are available from www.chobhamacademy.org.uk.