Olympic Park tour nightmare

A dream tour of the Olympic site turned into a nightmare for one family when their son suffered a seizure after passing through onsite security scanners.

The Boyes travelled all the way down to Stratford from Ashingdon in rural Essex for a public tour of the Olympic site which is run regularly by the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA).

But 14-year-old Damon Boyes was stopped by security after airport style scanners detected his belt buckle.

Damon’s mother, Janis, said that Damon was scanned repeatedly with a hand-held device then fell to the floor where he fitted for three minutes, despite having no medical history of seizures.

The mother-of-three claims that no staff came to her son’s aid and she was left to call the ambulance on her own.

Panic-stricken and far away from home, Janis called out to surrounding staff for an address and claims staff could not tell her.

Janis said: “There were plenty of staff there, plenty of people could have helped, there must have been about a dozen people standing around watching it happen. They didn’t do a thing.”

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Fortunately for Damon, an ex-paradmedic was in the queue for the tour and rushed to his aid, putting him in the recovery position.

Janis told the Recorder how she was shocked that it took luck and the kindess of a stranger to get her son the vital first aid that he needed before the ambulance arrived to rush Damon to the Royal London Hospital.

She also said that she was in too much of a panic to get the good samaritan’s name but she is extremely grateful that he was there that day.

Janis added: “I was calling out for help and they did nothing. Luckily, this other chap came rushing over and told us what to do but if he hadn’t been there, I don’t know what would have happened.”

An ODA spokesman said: “We can confirm that a visitor to the Olympic Park was taken ill after arriving for a public tour on Saturday, 27 August.

“A London Ambulance was called by a third party and arrived in minutes to take the person to hospital.

“Our onsite health team was also alerted to the incident by security. A full investigation into the circumstances of the incident and the emergency response is ongoing.”